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We just wanna introduce ourselves as a reviewer blog.
We love to review rare & fabulous design's scarf that can give new variety for your customer.
There's so many contest will be doing after this.
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Friday, January 1, 2010

new year contest !

tadaaa !!
scarfshunter akan mengadakan contest untuk anda !

what should you do?
first - show me your massive collections of shawl (kalau boleh selautan shawls). lagi banyak lagiii bagusss.
second - snap a picture, wearing the most favourable shawl ever ! lagi unik lagiii bagusss.

but before that..
- wajib menjadi scarfshunter's follower
- anda harus tag 2 rakan anda
- sila letakkan banner scarfshunter di blog anda dan link kan pada scarfshunter
- email kepada scarfshunter, berserta nama penuh, link contest ini di blog anda.
- letakkan gambar yang di pertaruh kan dalam entri anda.

maybe its maybelline...

3 lucky winners

tarikh tutup
15 January 2010



  1. da join^^


  2. hye... i berminat nak join ur contest. harap masih sempat. i baru terbaca pasal contest u hari ni, so hopefully penyertaan i ni diterima. ni link entry i http://adam0khtar.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-year-contest.html